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Everything There Is To Know About Gutter Covers

Having Gutter Covers Can Significantly Increase The Overall Well Being Of Your Roof And House.

Owning your own home is awesome, but comes with a ton of responsibilities. One of the more daunting tasks that comes along with home ownerships is gutter maintenance. Depending on how many trees are surrounding your house, or how heavily wooded your house is, you’re going to have to clean your gutters at least a couple of times a year. 


If you choose to ignore your gutters, you will face the repercussions down the road – cracked foundations, damage to ceilings/walls, etc. To put it simply, clogged gutters cause a lot of problems that you just don’t want to run into, and will end up costing you a lot more money than it would to just keep your gutters clean on a yearly basis. 


Something you can do though, in order to minimize the amount of time you have to spend on your gutters every year, is invest in gutter covers. 

Can I install My Own Gutter Covers?

Of course you can! However, making sure that gutter covers are installed properly is a must, and assuring that your gutters have been properly cleaned prior to gutter covers being put on is a smart idea too. Many of the earlier and poorly designed gutter covers were in fact easy to install, but not nearly as effective as what has come out in the recent years.


With the innovations in technology across the roofing industry has come an innovation of gutter covers as well. These newer and more effective gutter covers however may be worth consulting with experts to get installed. 

Gutter Covers Explained

To put it simply, gutter covers are fastened to your gutter and block out leaves and debris from getting into your gutters. While talking about materials, the best covers are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel because they last longer and present less risk of needing to be changed out. 


Types of Gutter Covers include: 

Is It Worth Hiring Someone To Do It For Me?

They might not seem like it’s worth the money upfront, but when you’re dealing with problems with your house, or dreading getting up on the ladder every spring and fall, you may have wished you dished out the money in the first place to get them installed. 


If you’re a homeowner that enjoys taking on your own projects, then maybe gutter covers aren’t for you. If you need to free up some time and don’t want to take the extra days out of your weekend, then it might be worth getting gutter covers.

The biggest mistake you want to avoid is not getting gutter covers, then not taking care of your gutters on your own. This is what leads to bigger issues with foundations, walls, and ceilings. 

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