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What To Know About Gutter Installation

If you plan to install your own gutters, there’s a few things you should know before doing so. Gutter installation may seem like a simple process, but assuring that you’re taking all of the necessary steps will help avoid having issues down the road. Below are some tips and tricks that will help guide you through gutter installation. 

Make A Plan

First and foremost, making a plan is going to help guide you through your gutter installation journey. Consider how many exterior walls need gutters and use that information to guide your decision making process when it comes to your budget. 

If your yard is on the larger side, and you have space on all sides of your house, your should plan on guttering all four sides. Make sure to measure how many linear feet you’ll need, and plan ahead by ordering a bit extra in case of any mishaps. 

Set Your Budget

Knowing how much money you have to spend on your project will help guide your decision making from start to finish. The budget you do come up with though, should have a range to account for the type of material you will be using and amount of product that you will need. 

Familiarize Yourself With The Basics

There are a few essential tools you’ll need that might seem like common sense, but better to be safe than sorry!

Cut Once, Measure Twice

This may be something that you’ve heard in the past, but is extremely important when it comes to gutter installation. Be sure to measure very carefully before you make any cuts, or you will find your project becoming more expensive, and taking much longer than originally anticipated. The people at the hardware store are going to get to know you real quick. 


Ask For Some Help!

It’s never a bad idea to have a friend or family member helping you out for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s just as a safety precaution, or you can have them hand you supplies as needed, or if it’s simply just for some company and bonding time over a fun home improvement project, get someone else involved! 

As For Some More Help: Schedule An Estimate With Us Today!

If you find yourself having an incredibley hard time getting the job done, we’d be more than happy to help. Cedar Rapids Roofing has specialized in gutter installation for over 30+ years and take pride in the work we carry out for our customers. A free estimate never hurt anyone, and may prevent YOU from getting hurt while trying to install your own gutters. Leave it to the experts and enjoy the benefits in the long run. 

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