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Homeownership And Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing near Cedar Rapids, IA

As a homeowner, even once you’re researching which sort of roof you would like to put in on your house, there’s a lot to think about. Whether you are mulling a roof for a new residence, an present roof fix or a total roof replacement, deciding the roof tiles and layout is the first step.


Dealing with specialist builders is your initial step in knowing your roof alternatives and locating the best fit. In Wildwood, we will help you through the roof fashions that match your house and design a roof system which fits with your vision.


Before that, it is a fantastic idea to get acquainted with a few of these roofer vernacular you will encounter.

Asphalt Shingles

The most frequent residential roofing material employed in the USA are asphalt shingles, and for a fantastic reason. These shingles have existed since 1903 have stood the test of time among the most reliable kinds of roofing material.


Relatively inexpensive up-front price and is relatively easy to set up.


Asphalt shingles normally last around 20 decades or longer on an ordinary home. They are especially beneficial in a place such as St. Louis, in which weather is not as radical as someplace like Florida.


They include two distinct kinds of foundation materials — fiberglass and organic. They’re also resistant to wind and water damage when supplying additional waterproofing service for your property.

Wooden Shakes

Cedar shake roofs utilize wood shingles made from broken logs. As they’re mostly timber, and because each shingle is made of slightly varying dimensions, they have a very different and organic appearance to them.


These roof materials have been in existence since the Victorian age for a whole lot of factors. This energy efficiency makes them exceptionally effective in regions with a lot of sunlight.


Furthermore, wood shakes are extremely eco-friendly substances. The insulating material they supply can help decrease electricity costs. Not only are they created from wrought material, but they also generate a minimal effect on the level of water runoff.


While fire-resistance is an issue, many manufacturers employ a fire-resistant coating for them for additional safety.

Clay Tiles

Roofing material manufacturers create clay tiles from baking molded clay. They could alter the total amount of temperature and time they warm the clay in to produce a variety of textures and thickness. Along with arriving in many different sizes and shapes, clay tiles are usually available from colors of white, orange, yellow, and brown.

These ceramic tiles are usually durable. These tiles are more commonly seen in the Southwest since they fit in with houses that borrow parts of contemporary design. The tiles hang parallel rows, overlapping to keep rainwater out.

Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.

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