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Does Roof Heating Make Sense For You?

Ice dams are made when melting snow on a roof does not entirely flow off in the gutters. When the temperature drops, the subsequent ice congestion produces a dam which will further impede further melt, enabling it to get beneath the roof shingles and permeate the protective surface of your house. The old-school method to take care of ice dams was using a scoop and a great deal of dangerous labour. Fortunately, experts and DIYers have invented ways to manage ice dams more securely, including among their most popular of those choices: roof deicing cables. Listed below are some pros and cons that will assist you determine if this solution is ideal for you.


If it comes to roofing deicing you have a lot of possibilities, all which may be customized to satisfy your particular roof heating requirements. We work to supply you with a range of the very best, most recognized radiant heating options. Our specialists can allow you to pick the one which will best meet your requirements and fit in your budget. Based upon the size of this program and area You Would like to heat, There Are Numerous options available, all which may be customized to Satisfy your snow melting demands:


When correctly set up roof deicing cables work really nicely, even though they do not often create the stunning visual change many men and women expect. The wires do not completely clean spots of snow, but instead melt the ice quickly across them, providing sufficient room for water to run away to a gutter. This is a significant distinction: ice dams can nevertheless shape but they won’t obstruct the circulation of further snow melting, and that is what safeguards your roof.

They do not influence the whole roof. Based upon the profile of your own roofing, you might have ice dams someplace besides the eaves. If that is true, you will have to either conduct automatic wires or find a means to deal with those issue areas at the origin.

Budget And Expenses

Roof deicing cables operate on power, which is a costly method to create heat. Some cabling systems are self-regulating, meaning they create more heat because the temperature drops, and cycle off and on as necessary to be able to decrease the reach to your financial plan. But, those programs are somewhat more costly to buy and install.

The reverse side of this greater electric bill is the possible savings as soon as your roof is not penetrated by an ice dam. If you are fighting with an ice dam scenario, then investing in correctly installed heating wires has the capability to pay massive dividends by safeguarding your roof… and also the home under it!

Installation Process

Roof deicing cables come in many different forms, such as a specially user-friendly version commonly referred to as ice tape. This self-adhesive coil makes it rather simple to install, particularly for a DIYer with some relaxation on a ladder.


In case you have any doubts about your capacity to prepare the cables properly, you need to think about finding a builder. Obviously, it is equally true that the builder themselves should be qualified. Always request references, and do not assume they could “figure it out” Last, think about that the deicing cables will need to be installed until the snow falls, so you’re going to want to prep for winter months until the weather turns.

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