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Roof Installation in Cedar Rapids, IA

Is It Time For A New Roof?

You know that it’s time to replace your automobile once it keeps breaking down. You know that it’s time to replace your carpet if it is stained or weathered. You know that it’s time to change out your clothes if they do not match or move out of fashion. And you know that it’s time to replace your mobile phone when… well, once the brand new cool mobile comes out.

However, what about your house’s roof? And shifting out a couple of shingles will only address the difficulties for such a long time. Here are eight hints that signal it could be time to replace your roof.

Tips and Tricks

When you begin taking bids for a new roof installation, 1 choice you will want to make is whether to get the older roofing stripped to the wood decking or just pay for the present roof with a fresh layer of shingles. The difference in cost will be substantial — homeowners save 25 percent or more by choosing for reroofing rather than a tear off — but is that a fantastic choice?


Roofers disagree about the response, with a few warning the only means to locate and fix weak spots would be to strip the roof down to the plywood sheathing in which they frequently find water damage which wouldn’t otherwise have been uncovered.


Another factor about adding another coating is the asphalt shingles are hefty, so installing this next layer adds weight the construction needs to bear along with maximum snowfall for this component of the nation.


How To Vent A Roof

Like most areas of your house, roof needs room to breathe. In other words there has to be a balance between the quantity of air consumption in the soffits and the air ducts close to the ridge of the roof.


Insufficient roof venting may have serious impacts. By way of instance, if your roof becomes overheated on warm days it will dry the roofing shingles and lead them to delaminate or be fragile and have ignored by a strong breeze during storms. A badly ventilated roof can also create warmth in the loft and result in mold on the bottom of the roofing.


The U.S. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) advocates at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for each 300 square feet of attic area. If your loft is 1,200 square feet, then you will need at least 6 square feet of venting.

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