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Regardless The Type Of Siding, We'll Help You Repair It

Whether we repair it for you, or you read all of our tips and tricks on how to repair it, we just want to make sure that the repair job will leave you happy! Danmages such as holes and dents, or other damages to siding can typically be fixed fairly quickly and without much cost. Sith the innovations of tech within the roofing industry, a new generation of products such as wood fillers, hardeners, and epoxies fill holes to the point where they are as strong as the original wood. 

Sealing Joints

Quality siding jobs are well-sealed. If they aren’t, they water can infiltrate which results in damaged sheathing or damage to the back of the siding. As time passes, seals can decrease in strength, so it is very important that you are consistently keeping an eye on your sidings seal and recaulk any damaged areas as you go. 

Repairing Lap Siding

If a wood clapboard is rotted in a concentrated, small area, you can simply use wood hardener to help solve this issues, and patch with a wood filler or epoxy. When you’re dealing with a large area, you may have to replace the board or maybe just a part of the board, depending on the level of damage. If your sheathing is solid plywood or OSB, you can cut a board almost anywhere. In the case that the sheathing is not solid, however, it must be cut in the middle of a stud so the joint can be firmly nailed. 

Widespread rotting might be an indicator that the area behind might be getting wet and the building paper might be the problem, or there was an issue with how the siding was installed. If your siding is pulling away from the wall, it may just need to some more nails, or long screws driven into the studs. 

Repairing Siding Shingles

The process for removing samages shingles and attaching new ones is farily simple. You will need basic tools to help wiggle out the rotted shingle, then reassemble the pieces and using the old shingle as guide for the new one. 

Repairing Vinyl Siding

The biggest no no you can make while working with vinyl siding is during installation, making the nails too tight into the vinyl. Ideally, the nails will be more loose which allows the siding to expand and contract, depending on the temperature and time of year. 

Repairing Alumnimum Corner Caps

Like vinyl, aluminium siding joins together and it’s fairly easy to patch or replace panels in the event that something gets damaged or broken. Corner caps are smaller pieces that are sometimes used as opposed to corner posts for aluminum siding. 

Stucco Siding

Stucco is a giorgeous siding material that can make your home stand out from every other home in the neighborhood. It is good to keep in mind though, that if an inferior stucco product was used or if it was not installed correctly, it can lead to a world of problems and expenses for the homeowner. Replacing stucco with new siding is something that a lot of people are doing – there are numerous stucco alternatives that look great.

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